Dystopia – Graduation project

For my graduation project I’ve been working on a dystopian society set in the future. I wanted to make it look beautiful, but uneasy at the same time. With this art book I’m going to show you what this world is about and how I’ve designed certain aspects.


With the world suffering from environmental disasters, a small group of scientists were worried about the future of humankind. When the planet finally collapsed and only a small part remained habitable, these scientists seized power and created a community where humans worked together with nature. Since oxygen became scarce, they invented plants people could use to breath normal again.

This went well for a long time, but as decades went by the leading party became more and more like a dictatorship. Reason, efficiency and environmental friendliness were prioritized above all else, which resulted in no freedom of speech, controlled births and euthanasia of sick people.

Thumbnails Worker
Thumbnails Surrogate Mother
Thumbnails Surrogate Mother

The city is divided in different districts with it’s own purpose with in the middle the government tower from where everything is controlled.

Government tower

Tower process: