Fan art & Gifts

Katherine Ann Moore, fashion model


Fan art I made of one of my favorite models, Katherine Ann Moore. This is the image I used as reference, but I gave it my own twist.

Psychara, alternative model


Personal project where I drew Psychara, an alternative model.


Lolita Fashion illustrations

Occasionally I draw people from the Lolita fashion community.

The art styles for these drawings are a lot cuter than what I normally make, but I like changing it up.

Left you see  Charlie Jamison, a Youtuber. The reason why the fabric looks flat is because it’s populair with lolita drawings. The print of the dress is often important.
The middle lolita calls herself Chokelate and is pretty popular within the community.
And on the right you can see Chiffon FLeur, also a very popular lolita, although she often wears other Japanese fashion styles as well.