Hearthstone x DeviantArt GvG Contest

"Vix 'Cackleberry' Eggslugger"
“Vix ‘Cackleberry’ Eggslugger”

Blizzard entertainment organized a contest where you had to design a gnome with one of their crazy inventions.

Wytze Kamp, my boyfriend, wrote a little backstory for the character:

“The Hencrank family has long had a tradition of devising poultry-related inventions. Over the course of a 100 years they increased Gnomeregan’s egg production twentyfold, through biological recombobulation, eggceleration and world shrinkification… much to young Vix’s boredom.

Disaster struck when the troggs surprisingly assaulted the Gnome capital, Gnomeregan; without proper defense systems, the gnome population dwindled drastically. Vix noticed the sudden surplus of poultry and shortage of weapons and an ingenious idea sparked in her unruly mind. She repurposed some of her family’s inventions and hens to create a brand new contraption, the aptly named: Eggslugger.

A chicken is nested inside a time acceleration compartment, laying eggs at a high rate. These eggs are then electro-chemically processed to increase the amount of explosive hydrogen-sulfide inside the egg. Finally, the eggs are catapulted, exploding violently on impact. As a side-effect it leaves a grueling scent of rot, even worse than trogg body odor.

Although Gnomeregan was eventually lost the Eggslugger helped save the lives of many gnomes. Following Gnome customs, Vix proudly changed her last name to Eggslugger and haphazardly joined her ancestors in the tradition of poultry-related inventions.

Story by Wytze Kamp inspired by The World Of Warcraft.”