EVA – Military Rehabilitation App

Screens for EVA

This project was commissioned by the Military Rehabilitation Centre (MRC) in Doorn, the Netherlands.
The goal was to help military soldiers that need rehabilitation in a way that’s more fun than the standard exercises.

The result was the app EVA and the game Operation Grey Squirrel (OGS).

During this project I was mainly responsible for the interface, promo art and designing the logo’s. The functional part was done by the other team members.
Some elements have changed since then, but the designed screens were mainly to get the overall look and feel of the interface.

Promo art for OGS

OGS is an audio based game the soldiers play while running on the training site of the rehabilitation center.
The goal is to further unlock the story where you play the lead part. To do this you need to run to instructed areas.
The most important aspect of this game is that the players need to keep their boundaries in mind. If they run above or under their capacity, they won’t get further into the story. This is so they don’t make their injuries worse.

EVA is the app that monitors the soldiers while they run, so that their trainers can see what they need help with. This app was designed for the Ipad, since it’s easier to carry around.
Overall the app keeps track of all the games that have been played and gives the trainer the possibility to give feedback to the rehabilitant with objective data.

Promo video (in Dutch)